On the subject that why ought to every person do Linksys RE6500 setup at their place? The massive solution to this query is that Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Dual-Band Wifi Extender presents seamless prolonged sign variety with more advantageous velocity, even as ensuring that no sign high-satisfactory compromise happens. Obviously you may be disposing of the ones useless community zones out of your place – that sounds nice, right?

So, approximately the functions that accompany the prolonged community insurance of 10,000 rectangular ft are its clean setup and above that the go band era. This clever era makes positive that your clever tool is at the bandwidth with higher net velocity whilst you are executed with Linksys RE6500 Setup. This twin band wi-fi variety extender offers a velocity of net on which you may depend for easy streaming of net throughout the place. We all love track and in couple of clean steps, you may be capable of join the RE6500 variety extender to you clever audio speakers. The cherry on pinnacle is that Linksys RE6500 setup is well matched with all model of Windows and Mackintosh.


The approaches for Linksys RE6500 setup diversify in simple classes which might be indexed below. Select the only as consistent with your convenience –

WPS (Wi-Fi protected Setup) button

Browser/ Web-based setup method


Before beginning with the WPS setup technique, one should understand the LED indicator conduct at the RE6500 variety extender. So, even as persevering with with the setup, test the LED mild indicator thus –

1. Blinking/ Pulsating White – WPS connection is withinside the process. So wait until the LED mild turns to strong white.
2. Solid White – Now the WPS connection is efficiently settled up. You can also additionally now visit step wherein you need to personalize the community settings as consistent with you.
3. Blinking/ Pulsating Amber for 2 mins – WPS connection can`t be mounted due to a few error.
4. This is the LED mild conduct of the WPS button of RE6500. Further closer to the approaches of Linksys RE6500 variety extender WPS setup –

Keep the RE6500 variety extender withinside the equal room as of your house router; wherein extender is without difficulty withinside the peripheral/ sign variety of your house router.
1. Connect each the antennas of RE6500.

2. Now join the newly offered linksys variety extender to a strength socket, because it turns on – comply with the step

3.Press the WPS button at the variety extender.
Within mins press the WPS button on your house router.

4.Establish the relationship thus as consistent with the LED indicator conduct noted above.
Now you could relocate the tool however preserve it withinside the sign variety of your house router.

5.For in addition for login to the community with the call of `Linksys Extender Setup –xxx`. Here xxx represents the closing 3 MAC deal with digits of your variety extender.
Join it.


Further, to the internet primarily based totally or say browser primarily based totally technique of Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Dual-Band Wifi Extender Setup –

  1. Make positive that the clean RE6500 variety extender is withinside the equal room as of your house router and convey your laptop/ running device there too.
  2. We are hoping you’ve got got linked the antennas of the variety extender. If now no longer so, then do it.
  3. Now plug withinside the variety extender to a strength socket.
  4. Wait for the LED indicator of RE6500 to pulsate/ blink orange. Keep staying power this can take a minute or .
  5. Once it does now you could decide from each of the techniques referred to as Wireless and Wired for in addition configuration.
  6. Wired – You want an Ethernet cable to attach the variety extender in your computer/ running device.
  7. Wireless – Need now no longer to do anything.
    Open the wifi community settings in your tool.Look for the community named `Linksys Extender Setup –xxx`.
  8. ere xxx represents the closing 3 MAC deal with digits of your variety extender.


By now you’ve got got correctly settled up the variety extender and now it`s time to login to the tool. It is likewise short and easy.

  1. Open the browser for your running tool be it phone or laptop/ computer.
  2. Now run the IP cope with withinside the seek bar of your seek engine.
  3. By now your computer display need to be flashing the login web page of your linksys tool.
    The default username is admin and password area will move empty.
  4. Enter that and hit the login button.
  5. By now you need to have entered the sprint board of your variety extender and your in addition retain with the RE6500 setup. You might also additionally personalize and configure as you want.
  6. There is a drop down menu with a purpose to choose your language. Do that.
  7. Click at the button called `Start`
  8. Now there are more than one options, choose the choice called `As a wi-fi variety extender` and hit the button `Next`
    Now you could select your prolonged networks and input your property router`s password.
  9. The prolonged networks have your property router`s username with a suffix of _Ext for 2.4GHz and _5GHz_Ext for the band width of 5GHz.
    Relocate the Linksys tool however preserve it withinside the boundary variety of our domestic router.
  10. You might also additionally now create the admin credentials.


Before you could replace the firmware of your linksys variety extender, first down load the firmware. Download the firmware shape the hyperlink furnished beneathneath and make certain to double test due to the fact updating incorrect firmware is dangerous to your variety extender –

  1. Launch the browser for your laptop.
    Once done, run the IP cope with withinside the seek bar and hit input.
  2. You need to now be searching on the login web page of your Linksys RE6500 variety extender.
  3. Enter the credentials of your internet primarily based totally login, in case you haven`t created any credentials then input default logins.
  4. efault credentials are admin.
  5. Go to the `Administration` web page of your linksys variety extender sprint board.
  6. There is an alternative below management called `Firmware Upgrade`
  7. Now browse the documents out of your tool and add the file, so the contemporary firmware receives up to date to its contemporary version.



When you can not log in in your Linksys Re6500 variety extender – we realize it’s far a bummer, and viable motives for that may be the incorrect IP cope with, wrong password, loosened cable connection, interrupted variety extender community connection, etc.

– You can resolve the difficulty through re-checking the above-given troubles. You also can reset the variety extender and do the method of the electricity cycle, this means that turning off and lower back at the variety extender. Check at the updates of the browser; in case your browser wishes an replace – do that.


When you’re not able to connect with the RE6500 variety extender – then there’s no want to fear approximately it. Check in case you are coming into the proper URL and additionally test for the community connection. Sometimes the community connection isn’t always in any respect seamless.

These are the most effective viable motives; you may attempt to reset the extender after which make certain you switch it lower back on after 5 to 10 mins. Make positive that there’s no bodily hurdle, inclusive of digital gadgets can motive sign reimbursement. Position the extender farfar from corners.


Intermittent connectivity difficulty is the difficulty whilst there are dropdowns or, say, lags taking place at random intervals.

The approach to this difficulty is most effective through resetting the variety extender RE6500. Press the reset button of the variety extender. Now you could electricity cycle the variety extender. This will set the variety extender to the default manufacturing unit mode.


The Linksys RE6500 most effective blinks amber mild whilst the net community connection isn`t established. It isn’t always that hard to deal with. This amber mild simply blinks for 2 mins maximum.

All you want to do is relocate the RE6500 variety extender – so the extender can seize the sign variety of your property router nicely and begins offevolved operating well. Make positive that the LED indicator turns strong white.

Guess what you’ve got got finished Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Dual-Band Wifi Extender Setup, login, looked after troubles and did firmware replace. We ought to say bravo in your tough work. Now you could experience the prolonged community of RE6500 – experience the film marathons and gaming nights.

But simply if you are nonetheless going through issue in finishing the Linksys RE6500 setup, simply attain out to us due to the fact our crew is right here to your assist in configuring your newly sold variety extender