So, about the Linksys RE3000W Setup – we will be learning everything about this wifi network range extender from Linksys. Extenders are a real need of today, first of all, they all are real economic deal as in comparison of getting a new router and a new internet line connection. Plus, their installation is not at difficult. You can perform it at ease.

Moving further, specifically to the RE3000W range extender. Configuration and installation of this extender is a good choice if you live in a middle sized household. Its speed, and connectivity strength – all are top-notch. So, yes, you will be eliminating all the dead internet spots at ease. Let’s get ready to increase the network periphery of your home router.

Here in this write-up, we will be learning about the Linksys RE3000W Setup features, specifications, setup, and firmware update and how to reset Linksys re3000w extender setup. Let’s begin this journey with the reasons why one should buy Linksys re3000w extender for their place.


There are always reasons for mentioning any topic, so does this one has. There are people who are struggling with the thought of which extender to buy and which one will serve their needs the best. This might not help you exactly but in a way that you were not thinking of. It will help you filter the requirements. Therefore, let’s get started with it.


The device is compatible with all the routers and with most of the operating systems. So, you can use it with any router, and there is no need to change the networking device or to worry about compatibility issue. There goes one burden off your shoulders in regard to extending your home network.

Fast Ethernet Port

For those who love to stream games and movies. Linksys re3000w range extender setup presents you with a fast ethernet port for all those things. So, why worry when you can binge-watch all the movies and play all the gaming marathons left on pending. Buy the extender, set it up and start the quests.

Speedy yet Stable

The network of re3000w is completely speedy in nature, so you won’t be worrying about that cause. Secondly, the network is just not speedy, but it is stable too. Obviously, none of us wants to forge a network that makes the user suffer from the signal drop-down error or makes the user go through the bad network connectivity.

Easy to Setup

It is easy to set up, like real easy, and that is the thing we are going to be mentioning in the setup guide. There are two ways of Linksys re3000w setup and we will be mentioning them for your convenience. So, let’s finish these features and hop on the train to the setup-Ville.

Middle-sized Households

The wifi network range extender re3000w has proved itself best for mid-sized households. This is a real good deal, even if you have a small apartment or a house in the suburbs. It will all be fine. The extender will be able to fulfill all those network range extended requirements that you want to be fulfilled by your domestic network.


Here, in this guide on Linksys re3000w extender setup. We are going to learn about the LED behavior, and requirements for the setting of re3000w extender. Lastly, we will learn about the setup of this extender by means of the web address and wifi-protected setup button.


Knowing LED behavior marks a major significance because when you know the LED behavior of your device. You know it all. The thing is that the LED indicator’s light is the way of communication through your extender. Its knowledge is a real necessity. Let’s get going with the LED Behavior of Linksys re3000w range extender.

There is one LED indicator on the front representing the behavior of both power and WPS. There is another LED indicator on the back representing the LAN behavior.


  • Off – The extender is powered off.
  • Solid Green – The device is powered on. In the case of WPS, the connection is forged successfully.
  • Blinking/ Pulsing Green – In the case of WPS, the connection is in process. In case of power, the device is being powered on, and the extender is booting.
  • Solid Orange – WPS session is overlapping, and second is the WPS connection is weak.
  • Blinking/ Pulsing Orange – Again, bad router connection and WPS connection can’t be established.


Solid Green

The ethernet cable is connected.

Blinking/ Pulsing Green

The data is being transmitted.


No ethernet connection.


First, you have to collect the required items for the setup method you have opted for. So, you should read the requirements list and start doing it.


Proper connection of network and electricity, home/ master router, Linksys re3000w extender, ethernet cables (for wired setup), network SSIDs are mentioned on the back of the extender, operating device (laptop/ computer system), web URL –


Linksys re3000w range extender, home router and proper connectivity of power and network.


Finally, to the setting of the Linksys range extender re3000w, you have to follow the steps in the given order.

  1. Keep the home router and the Linksys extender in the same room.
  2. Next, you have to do is power cycle the home router and power up the Linksys re3000w to a power outlet.
  3. Open the browser in your operating device, which has to be in the same room as the other two devices.
  4. After that, either forge the connection between the extender and operating device by means of an ethernet cable or you can just connect by using the SSIDs from the back label of the extender.
  5. Once the connection is forged, you have to open the browser and run the web address of or you can use the default IP of
  6. Login by means of the default credentials.

Further configuration and customization is up to you because now you have reached the setup wizard of your Linksys re3000w setup.


This is the easiest of setup method ever. It will hardly take two minutes of your time. Start by following the steps.

  1. You have to power cycle the home router and ensure your extender is connected to an electrical socket. Keep both devices in the same room.
  2. Next, you have to do is locate the WPS/ sync button on both of the devices.
  3. Once step two is completed, you have to ensure press the buttons on both of the devices and ensure to keep that the time gap is not exceeding more than two minutes.

Further setup configuration and customization can be performed by means of logging in to the


In order to update firmware on Linksys re3000w range extender, you have to follow the given set of instructions.

  1. First of all, download the firmware on your system and ensure to download it from the official Linksys website only.
  2. Open the Linksys extender login by means of either the default URL of or you can just use the web address of
  3. After logging in, move yourself to the Administration column. Next, reach yourself to the Firmware Update.
  4. Browse and upload your firmware there. Once done, do not interrupt the uploading process.

Once it is updated, you have to restart the extender, and you are good to go.


As we have talked about it earlier, there is always a need to reset the extender because there are issues that can’t be sorted with any other means. So, yes, Sir, you have to perform Linksys re3000w reset process. Let’s get going then.

  1. Ensure your extender is connected to the power socket and it is powered on properly.
  2. Next, there is a reset button either on the back or on the bottom of the extender.
  3. Press it as per the LED behavior of the extender.

This will complete the reset process of the Linksys re3000w setup. Once done, you have to power cycle the extender and re-configure the extender.